The Harrison County school district announced details on the $55 million bond issue that includes two new schools and more. News 25’s Jaylon Morris has this story.

The Harrison County school district has big plans in store if the $55 million dollar bond is passed in November.

Superintendent of Harrison County School District Roy Gill says, “with those designs in construction and the redesign of that, we will relieve overcrowding in almost every school in the district.”
“A referendum will be placed on Harrison County ballots in November, where those who live in the Harrison County School District will be able to vote on things like a K-8 school that will be built on the east side of the district near D’iberville, a new middle school on the west side of the district in the West Harrison area and renovations to North Gulfport.”
Community Member Advocating for the Harrison County School District Holly Gibbs says, “it’s really going to help pull those elementary children into smaller classrooms, reallocate the middle schools and help with the feeder school idea for the athletics.”
Plans are also in order to make safety and security improvements for schools in the district.
Gill explains, “We will be installing buzz in systems and double doors to stop access to the general public.”
And since the Harrison County school district just paid off some debt, the revenue from these reallocated funds will help pay for these projects.
“Therefore, it will not cause the taxpayers any new money,” says Gill.
If the bond is passed, Gill plans to shift the school zones around to help with overcrowding in the district.
In Harrison County, Jaylon Morris… News 25.

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