Harrison County school bond referendum update

In November, Harrison County residents voted ‘yes’ on the Harrison County School bond referendum.

Fast forward five months and school board officials say they’re making progress on the proposed improvement plan, but they hit a road block on the construction of the new K through eighth grade school which will be located on the east side and also the new middle school on the west side.

Harrison County School District Assistant Superintendent Mitchell King notes that issues with soil have delayed work on both the new schools. “The wetlands are an issue on the K through eighth on the west side and on the east side. West Harrison school has been backed up some because we had to move the location. You know it was south of the school, now we have kind of moved it to the north west corner of that same 16 section land. It was because of some issues that we found when the soil was tested.”

Many of the security updates that were promised in the bond are already in the works at several of the schools.

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