Harrison County Sand Beach Authority cleaning up seaweed

As Memorial Day Weekend kicks off, crowds are expected to get out and enjoy our Gulf Coast beaches.

So, when a large amount of seaweed washed up on Biloxi beaches, Harrison County Sand Beach Authority got to work.

Director Chuck Loftis says the seaweed is due to recent heavy wind and high tides which caused the grass to come out of marsh and wash up on shore.

Loftis says they will be working through the weekend to ensure the beach looks clean and welcoming, the same way he asks visitors to leave it. “I just hope everyone enjoys themselves and has a great time. Please put your trash in one of the trashcans we have. We have more than 400 of them out on that beach. Just please utilize the ones that we have. If they are full, take the trash back with you. We are going to be emptying them, but if the cans are full, please just take your trash back with you.”

Loftis says the clean up is happening diligently and will not inconvenience visitors.

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