Harrison County Receives BP Settlement Check

The Harrison County Board of Supervisors has been demanding BP pay them for loss tax revenue due to the oil spill. Today, those demands were met in the form of a $2.4 million check. Now the county is ready to give it back to the people affected most by the spill.
Today, the Harrison County Board of Supervisors holds a check in their hands that’s been a long time coming.Three and a half years after filing suit, the county settled with BP over a month ago and today, they received that settlement all as a part of a team effort. “A lot of work by a lot of good lawyers,” said board attorney Tim Holleman, “We’re happy to deliver the $2.455 million to the county this morning.” Holleman and his law firm have been representing the county in litigation against BP since 2012.
County officials wanted the money to pay for economic losses related to a reduction in tax revenues. For the past several years, the county has been pulling from its reserve funds to make up for the loss and to balance their budget. Money from BP will go toward replenishing those reserves. “Reserves have to be kept to a certain point because if they’re not kept at a certain average of monies then when it comes to a storm or any type of emergency, we wouldn’t have that money,” said Connie Rockco, District 5 supervisor.
Holleman and his firm will receive compensation for representing the county, but he plans to give part of that right back. “My firm is going to set up a scholarship for Harrison County employees to apply for,” he said.
“A lot of hard work went into it,” said Rockco, “We really appreciate our attorney and all the work that he put into it. And then of course, the generosity he has for the county employees on the scholarship fund.”
So far BP has agreed to pay more than $10 million in settlement money to Harrison County, Biloxi and Gulfport combined.
The city of Biloxi settled for $4.9 million and Gulfport settled for $4.4 million.

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