Harrison County prepares for storm

As the storm approaches the Coast, there are many things Gulf Coast residents should be mindful of, most importantly being prepared.

Empty harbor and locals heading to their hurricane holes is a sure sign of bad weather on its way. Boat Owner Frank Dunaway, who has been cruising on the Coast for 36 years, shares his secret on how he’s been able to ride out previous storms. “You have to get up and prepare, know what’s coming, and be prepared for it or prepare to lose your boat.”

This tip doesn’t only apply to boat owners. Homeowners need to take the necessary action to be ready. Harrison County Public Affairs Jeff Clark said, “This is predicted to be a rain event, like a serious rain event, like a significant rain event that we haven’t had in quite a while.”

Besides having supplies like bottled water, a charged cell phone, and a first aid kit, you need to make the decision if you should stay or leave. “We want people to know their evacuation routes ahead of time and make plans. Don’t wait for someone to tell you to evacuate. If you live in an area that you know floods or you’re worried about flooding then you need to start making plans.”

The Harrison County Fire Department is also preparing to protect the public in case emergencies arise. They’re adjusting their schedules, adding more firemen to shifts, and sending more out per call. Harrison County Fire Chief Pat Sullivan said, “Fire departments are looking into making sure our employees are taken care of and they’re doing all the things from a personal standpoint to be safe.”

These firefighters could work at their stations for several days depending on the severity of the storm. “We are making sure all the equipment is in place and the equipment is working properly and filling up. We ask everyone else out there to stay prepared.”

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