Harrison County prepares for hurricane season

With hurricane season officially underway, Harrison County has begun preparing for the worst. Today, the Harrison County Emergency Management Agency spoke with community partners and volunteers who will be assisting the agency if a hurricane hits. News 25’s Andrew Scherer has our report.

For this hurricane season, Harrison County introduced new social media coverage into their hurricane prep plans. With social media being a new medium in communication, the county has decided to embrace that by establishing official Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages.

Jeff Clark with the Harrison County Board of Supervisors says, “This will be the first time going into a hurricane season that Harrison County has had these things. We find that a lot of people in Harrison County are using Facebook and it has been an incredibly efficient way for us so far to get our message out.”

During a storm, the Harrison County Emergency Operations Center is filled with more than 20 departments at one time, providing assistance to the entire county during a hurricane.

Emergency Management Agency Director Rupert Lacy says, “They have already taken care of their necessary precautions and efforts at home and their business side, and then they’re coming down here to manage the situation that we’re getting ready to get into.”

During a hurricane, the operations center stays active 24 hours a day, giving the county a central location to maintain operations.  After every storm there is a rainbow.  Emergency Management Director Rupert Lacy has introduced the “skittles” program, an easy way to organize workers by their job titles and different colors of their vests.

“Them having vests with their job title on the vest and on the back is that you can get their attention and then you can go over and engage in dialogue,” says Lacy.

To stay up-to-date with hurricane or weather coverage, visit our website at WXXV25.COM. In Gulfport, Andrew Scherer, News 25.

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