Harrison County Finishing Industrial Park

Businesses and possible tenants are starting to beat down Harrison County’s front door as its newest industrial complex nears completion. The 600 acre North Harrison County Industrial Complex will be the county’s newest industrial park. News 25’s Bryan Kennedy caught up with county leaders to see when businesses can expect to move in.
What was once dirt and unpaved road is now covered in concrete and will soon be ready for business and tenants. Bill Hessell, director of the Harrison County Development Commission, said, “We are in the punch item phase of the park. Everything has been completed at this time.”
The completion of this new complex makes it the sixth industrial complex in the county. The other five have already paved the way for more than 5,000 jobs and earned the county well over $200 million. Connie Rockco, with the Harrison County Board of Supervisors, said, “It has been developed and we plan to have a grand opening in about 30 days. We’re really excited about it and hopeful that we will fill it up very quickly.”
Now that construction is coming to a close, Hessell says the next step is finding businesses to move in. “We have about four businesses right now that we’re working hard to try to recruit into Harrison County. Some of them are distribution. Some of them are chemical and some of them are aerospace.”
County leaders say this complex’s location is ideal and easily accessible. A railroad runs straight through the complex and it is near several major highways. “This particular park is located in a perfect place,” said Rockco, “It’s close to rail. Close to 49, a main artery. Close to 67, a main artery. And we feel like that is going to be one of the selling points.”
The $6 million project is funded by Harrison County and the county’s development commission.

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