Harrison County EMA on track with online storm damage reporting

Cristobal clean up continues and so does storm damage reporting and data collection in the aftermath of the tropical storm.

Harrison County is now offering an online system to help residents, the government, and business owners with storm damage reporting.

Tropical Storm Cristobal was the third named storm of this year’s Atlantic hurricane season, but marks the inaugural run of a new online system launched by Harrison County. Harrison County EMA Deputy Director Matt Stratton said, “We did have some test scenarios run with it last year with some severe weather events we had, but this is our first live use of it during a tropical situation. With Cristobal bringing that three to five feet of storm surge onto our coast lines, with the rainfall of 8 to 10 inches county-wide, bringing up the rivers and causing flooding and flash flooding issues, we’ve been able to collect a lot of information using this damage assessment tool.”

Cities and local governments have been among the first to get on board with this new system, but the EMA is looking for more. “Private businesses, homeowners, even renters can use this to submit their damage information to us and that then helps us round out the picture as we’re doing our damage assessment county-wide.  We’re looking forward to collecting all of their information so we can pass it up for possible valuations for assistance. To access our damage reporting tool, you’re going to go online using a smartphone or a computer, to crisistrack.com/public/harrisonMS/request.html and make sure the MS is capitalized. That’s important.”

As the old saying goes, a picture is truly worth a thousand words. “We had a drone actually from MEMA go and record a lot of this footage for us. It was real helpful in helping to get a bird’s eye view for a lot of things along the 26 miles of beach.”

They’re hoping to get an overall better picture of county-wide Cristobal damage through online reports on this new system.

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