Harrison County Courthouse celebrates ‘National Adoption Day’

It was a heartwarming scene today at the Harrison County Courthouse as chancery court celebrated ‘National Adoption Day.’

While the actual date for ‘National Adoption Day’ isn’t until later this month, those at chancery court couldn’t wait to help officially give these children the ultimate gift.

Some children have been waiting for years to find that forever home and a family to match. A good portion of the adopting families were originally fostering which they said was their greatest decision.

Whether those getting adopted were toddlers or teenagers, their smiles told the whole story. Matthew Hall said, “I am very excited. We get a family and they are awesome.”

Neena Hall said, “They have been ours since the day they walked in the door and it just fit.”

Darnessa Hill said, “We are super excited to have her in our family.”

Brandy Grissom said, “It has been a long time coming and she doesn’t know any different and she just won our hearts over. Are you happy?”

Over forty children were adopted today, making it the largest in our state’s history.

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