Harrison County Board talks budget plans

The Harrison County Board of Supervisors held a meeting today with members of the public to discuss budget plans for next year.

The budget includes all of the departments in Harrison County. Each department discussed what their needs were and the board of supervisors determined where that money will be best spent.

Harrison County Fire Chief Pat Sullivan says the board was able to pay a raise to the employees of Harrison County which gives the county an upper hand in hiring qualified, trained personnel. “From the fire service, they work very closely with us and they have been very supportive of the fire service in Harrison County. We’ve been able to work with them and get 24 hour stations, to hire more firefighters, to buy the equipment that we need. So, every benefit that we have to offer helps them decide that they would come to Harrison County to be a firefighter here versus another city or another county.”

Chief Sullivan said the Harrison County Fire Department benefited in the budget plan and he believes every other department in the plan has benefited as well.

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