Harrison County Board of Supervisors holds special meeting in response to COVID-19

Concerns over Coronavirus prompted the Harrison County Board of Supervisors to call a special meeting today. As a matter of protocol, the board issued a local proclamation, declaring a state of emergency for the county and did a first read of the county’s pandemic plan.

The special called meeting opened with social distancing, ensuring those in attendance were separated by at least one seat. Then it was down to business as the board put another safe practice into place: teleconferencing. Board President Connie Rockco said, “Dr. Conger is with the Task Force at Memorial, and he will be giving us an update from Memorial.”

Dr. Nicholas Conger said, “We had tested somewhere between 12 and 15 people, obviously, the number of people we are testing is ramping up somewhat rapidly. We have no known positive cases at Memorial.”

Right now, Memorial is asking those with the virus’ three major symptoms, coughing, fever, and shortness of breath, to go to their Magnolia Walk-In Clinic located on 15th in Gulfport.

Meanwhile, back up and containment plans have already been put in place. “We are isolating patients we think are high risk while we are awaiting the test results.”

The CDC is recommending that any public gatherings or events of more than 50 people be canceled or rescheduled, and some South Mississippi restaurants are taking their own measures against the coronavirus. Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce CEO Adele Lyons said, “Some restaurants are going to just a dine-in or pick up with certain hours, and we want to make sure people know about those because people are still going to be looking for food options and dinner options.”

While some eateries, such as Chick-fil-A offer drive-thru only, other restaurants, including Rackhouse Steak and Spirits, Southern Pearl Oyster House, and the Half Shell Oyster House,  are keeping their doors open, ensuring they are going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure their restaurants are safe.

The Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce will be posting local business and restaurant plans on their website.

During the board meeting, supervisors did discuss planned weddings that may have more than 50 guests invited. While no formal decision was put on the record, it does not appear private gatherings, such as weddings, will have to be canceled or rescheduled.

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