Harrison County beaches open as some shelter-in-place restrictions are relaxed

Last week, Governor Tate Reeves extended the shelter-in-place order, but has relaxed some restrictions moving forward, including opening the beaches.

The beaches in Harrison County are now open, this comes after Governor Tate Reeves said on Friday that the beaches could re-open amid the shelter-in-place order.

Harrison County decided to open their beaches that same Friday and took down their beaches closed signs that afternoon.

If you do plan on heading to the Harrison County beaches, please be mindful. Some creatures have extended their habitats while the humans were gone. Harrison County Sand Beach Department Director Chuck Loftis said, “The least terns have started nesting in different areas other than the areas that are marked for least terns. So, if someone sees a nesting area please stay out of that area until the Audubon Society can come up and put some temporary roping around the area where the birds are.”

Remember if you go on the beaches practice social distancing and remain in groups of less than 10.

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