Harrison County beaches to close temporarily for cleanup

Today the Harrison County Board of Supervisors announced the closure of all 26 miles of sand beach in the county in order to clean up debris left behind from Cristobal.

The closure allows the Harrison County Sand Beach Authority and a private contractor to pick up piles of vegetation and remains from damaged piers across the county.

Work will be done in phases so areas near hotels and other tourist spots can reopen and wildlife currently in the debris can clear out. Harrison County Sand Beach Authority Director Chuck Loftis says debris continues to wash up on shore. “A lot of it is still out in the waters, still having to come in and wash up. So, hopefully within the next two days we’ll get some low tides and we’ll get that out. They’ll push it up in piles and then we’ll haul it to a local landfill.”

While the beaches are closed, boardwalks and sidewalks along the beachfront will remain open for personal recreation and exercise.

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