Harrison Co. School Board Candidates Do Some Campaigning

Elections are just two weeks away and the public has a choice on who will sit in a spot on the Harrison County School Board.

It’s Bill Bradley versus Holly Gibbs for School Board District 5. Bradley has served on the School Board for 15 of the last 20 years and is a three time-board president. He believes he’s been influential in producing some of the changes in Harrison County schools. Bradley says, “One thing that I’ve personally pushed through is the arts and music in elementary schools. I feel like they’re very important and I feel like I was very instrumental in making that happen.”

Gibbs is a mother of four and the Executive Director of Hands on Mississippi. She wants to see a bigger push for community service. Gibbs says, “We need to have more service learning projects. We need to encourage them to find needs in the community and fill those needs, and then those translate into volunteer hours on their college applications and their work applications. So it’s building morals now with our children.”

Bradley has been in management at Mississippi Power for 20 years. He believes that experience, as well as his standing on the board, makes him the most qualified candidate. Bradley also says, “I always think there’s a third alternative, and if you don’t make a knee-jerk reaction on things and take time to think about things, there’s a third alternative where everybody wins.”

Gibbs wants to be a fresh face on the board to build open communication between the board and the community. She says, “I want to make sure that all of our children get the same education and the same start that they deserve so that they can excel in life and they can move forward.”

School Board District 5 is just one of 14 different races Harrison County residents will see on their ballot November 4th. If you have questions about voting or your precinct, you should call the county clerk’s office at (228) 865-4036.

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