Harrison Central Softball Playoff Preview: Red Rebelettes searching for state title appetite

Since the inception of fast pitch softball in the state of Mississippi in 1995, Harrison Central has won it all four times. The last three of those state championships have come in back-to-back-to-back seasons from 2014 to 2016. In order to four-peat in 2017, the Red Rebelettes are going to have to embrace that big red target and speed up their metabolism.
“Winning a championship as a coach is a feeling that you just can’t describe. I want every coach to be able to win one, except against me.” It’s a good kind of greed that keeps the Red Rebelettes coming back for another helping of championship rings, but this year they’re have trouble working up an appetite for a title. Head Coach Jimmy Parker said, “Well right now, I question our hunger. We have been hungry the last two or three years for this championship. This year, I, along with my assistant coaches, we question that right now.”
Left fielder Desirea Lindsey said, “I feel like we are kind of a little bit hungry, but at the same time we’re not. Sometimes we go up there and we’re ready and then we feel like when we do have a lead we feel like that’s it.”
But that’s not it, with eight playoff games still left to win. There’s certainly no time for a full stomach with the rest of class 6A gunning for the bulls eye on Harrison Central’s back. “I mean he tells us that we have a big target on our back. We do feel it, but we try not to show it at times.”
“That’s our biggest challenge right now, is to not be complacent.”
Second baseman Ashley Arnold said, “Well, I wouldn’t say I would get too complacent. It would just make me even hungrier to want it more and more.”
That addiction to the taste of success normally prevails, although it’s hard to describe exactly what it feels like and when it has enough bite. “Feels like getting a brand new car or maybe even more.”
“That feeling is amazing. It kind of is like getting a new car, but it’s better. Way better.”
“We’ll know Tuesday. You’ll be able to know. It’s hard to explain. We’ll know Tuesday whether we’re ready to play through this whole series or not.”
Coming off a first round bye, Harrison Central leads off its second round playoff series at George County at 7 p.m. tomorrow.

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