Harrison Central High students score 30 or above on ACT

Several students at Harrison Central High School scored a 30 or above on their ACT tests.
The school recognizes the students with pictures hanging in the hallways. Harrison Central High School offers ACT workshops that all students have the option to attend. Junior Keon Barney scored a 32 on his second attempt.
Some of the seniors look to get into universities such as Ole Miss, LSU, Southern Miss, and Mississippi State. The students gave tips to those who are looking to take the ACT for the first time. Student Alexis Benoit said, “Don’t stress out. Anytime I stress out, it made it worse. If you just go in and do your best and don’t stress, you will probably do better.”
Student Keon Barney said, “Take it seriously. No matter what you get, don’t let that score define you because you are going to want to take it more than one time. You definitely want to score as high as you can get. Take it early, at least your freshman or sophomore year so you can gauge what you are good at and what you need to work on.”
Student Matthew Upton said, “More importantly to me and what I found is you want to finish them all. If you are stuck on something, and aren’t sure about it, don’t spend five minutes on it. Take your best guess and move on.”
Student Emily Wright said, “I would definitely say practice at home. Take practice tests. Our school gives us practice tests in the guidance counselor’s office that we can take and then just practice on your own.”
Guidance Counselor Ashley Britten hopes the scores will inspire other students at Harrison Central.

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