Harrison Central High students get virtual Army experience

Students at Harrison Central High School were able to get a glimpse into the life of a soldier with an Army Adventure semi-trailer that allowed hands-on experience with Army technology.

The adventure simulator is a 60-foot semi-trailer with self-contained warrior exhibits and simulation systems.

The students were able to experience various Army adventures such as flying a helicopter in the Apache Mock-up Flight Simulator and soaring through the skies on an Oculus Rift with the Army Parachute Team.

Students also used the Army Career Navigator System in the semi-trailer to explore more than 150 different career paths, benefits, and educational opportunities available in Army service. Joseph Olivier said, “This is a great way for students to see exactly what it is like to be on the battle field, to maybe jump out of an airplane to see that it is really safe. In the Army, you do many different things so some people drive tanks, some people drive trucks, some people walk the battle field, some people fly helicopters. This shows you a little bit of all that part.”

The Army Adventure simulator truck will be set up tomorrow at D’Iberville High School.

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