Harrison Central High band hosting ‘Pride of the Coast’ silent auction

2020 has provided many challenges for high school students and parents at Harrison Central High School have banded together this holiday season to support students in the marching band.

This is the first time the Pride of the Coast band has held a silent auction for the holidays and it is designed to help some students in the band pay band fees this year.

Local families and businesses have pitched in for the public to bid on including a char-broil grill, multiple gift baskets and even a night at the Hayes Cottage at the Beauvoir.

Senior band member David Gunnarson is hopeful the auction allows all of his fellow band members to share in the full band experience moving forward. “Things that we were looking forward to this year have been unfortunately cut out, hopefully people next year though will be able to do the things that we weren’t able to do this year, so that’s something they can look forward to.”

The auction runs through midnight on December 17th. To see all the items that you can bid on and to place a bid visit the Facebook page ‘The Pride of the Coast silent auction.

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