Hard Rock Café showing gratitude to healthcare heroes

The Hard Rock Café is taking ‘love all, serve all’ to a whole new level, especially for our healthcare workers on the front lines.

Our healthcare heroes typically don’t get holidays and they’re always on standby, ready to lend a hand and save lives, often at their own risk. This holiday weekend is no exception, but no healthcare hero will have to go to work with an empty stomach the whole month of July, thanks to a special promotion the Hard Rock Café has cooked up. Hard Rock Café General Manager Evan Williams said, “We’re doing a program where, with your badge or ID, front line healthcare heroes, we’re offering our legendary burger. We’ve done a number of them so far, and have gotten some really great feedback on it. These people are out there sticking their necks out for us and working some pretty long hours, so we just want to show some appreciation for all they’re doing.”

From now until July 31st, healthcare heroes can stop at the Hard Rock Biloxi for a savory meal and it’s free! “Everybody that works in those positions has a badge they have to have to enter their work place. Basically, all they have to do is show that to us, and lunch is on us. It’s one per visit, but if they want to come every day, we’d love to have them.”

The Hard Rock Café in Biloxi was the first to re-open in North America back on May 21st. Even our healthcare heroes will feel comfortable eating here considering the high level of sanitization practices carried out here, with employees specially designated to sanitize and clean around the clock. “The signs are there just to help re-enforce everything we are doing, that we know about, but the guests might not know that we are doing those things, such as scanning temperatures on every employee and every guest before they enter the building every day. All the employees are masked and gloved. We have constant sanitizer stations all over the restaurant.”

An attitude of gratitude for our healthcare heroes, something they’re proud to serve up the entire month of July. “I think these are folks who really need to be recognized right now, and I think it was a great opportunity for someone to reach out and say thank you for what they are doing.”

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