HARCO Crews Headed To East Mississippi

Parts of eastern Mississippi continue to recover after they were hit by the same devastating flooding that hit Louisiana last month. While Louisiana received national disaster funds from FEMA, places like Wilkerson County and the city of Crosby in Mississippi were declared ineligible for those funds. That’s where the state and Harrison County have stepped in to help, Harrison County will be sending a public strike team including 12 workers along with equipment- such as dump trucks and self-loading debris trucks to help with recovery next week. Rupert Lacy, Harrison County Emergency Management Agency everything that is happening is being done through the state, state dollars are even tight, but they are requesting out of local counties and local cities to come in and help them. The request came in late last week, and so it was directed back toward us. We kind of helped them several weeks ago formulating a plan. The recovery is a part of Mississippi’s state mutual aid compact program.

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