Hancock Whitney installs Mardi Gras Indian suit exhibit

In celebration of Mardi Gras and Black History Month, Hancock Whitney installed a Mardi Gras Indian Suit exhibit as part of their Black History Month diversity learning experience.

Big Chief Shaka Zulu of the Golden Feather Hunters Mardi Gras Indian Tribe of New Orleans was onsite to install his handmade suit.

The suit stands nine feet tall and features Zulu’s artistry through three-dimensional techniques using turkey quills, chalk beads, seed beads, sequin, and stones.

The Mardi Gras Indians, also known as the Black Masking Indians, are a niche subculture in New Orleans. Big Chief Shaka Zulu said, “It takes a year long process to hand bead and hand sew these suits. It’s really about just paying homage to the indigenous folks of Louisiana. It brings everybody together. So, that’s a great thing that’s happening and not just in New Orleans. We find Mardi Gras being apart of lot of areas that’s near the City of New Orleans because remember Mobile was the first.”

The display runs today through Mardi Gras Day.

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