Hancock County mother upset over school bus situation

School is about to be out of session at many South Mississippi schools, but at least one parent in Hancock County is hoping transportation issues in her children’s school district will be addressed.

Caroline Davis has four children in the Hancock County School District.  She says two of her children were on a school bus last week that ended up in a ditch en route to school.

Davis says she is upset about the way the situation was handled, learning about it only when her 12-year-old daughter shared cell phone footage of what unfolded that morning. “What bothered me the most about the situation is that no parents were notified and no police were called and the driver who was driving the bus and put it in the ditch was then brought a backup bus and allowed to continue the route. Had I been notified and given the option to make a decision on my child’s health and how to go about the situation, it would have been totally different.”

Davis says she has reached out to the school district about this situation. We will keep you posted.

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