Are Hancock County Gulf Waters Safe?

Ronald Winnert continues to work through rehab in Slidell after losing his leg to vibrio in Bay St. Louis last month.
Many residents in Hancock County are aware of the incident, but say it’s not keeping them from enjoying the waters this summer, as some were fishing and swimming in the same waters today.
News 25 reached out to MDEQ who says they do not specifically test for vibrio because this type of bacteria exists naturally, but Winnert’s daughter Brandy Miller says she wishes the state would have notified people sooner that her father contracted the virus so they would be aware. “This is really what’s upsetting me is that our county health, our state health systems aren’t doing anything in my opinion.”
Bay St. Louis resident Kaleb Holden said, “It’s really sad, to be honest. I mean, I wish it didn’t never happen, but I just come out here and fish and release the fish. I don’t keep none of them or nothing like that. When I’m done fishing I use germ-ex and wash my hands. When I get home I take a shower.”
If you have an auto immune disorder or an open wound, avoid the water at all costs.

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