Halloween specials at Goodwill

Find your costume’s missing link or discover the statement piece you need for this Halloween at some stores on the Coast that may surprise you: Goodwill.

Holidays can get expensive and from DIY décor to costume inspiration, Goodwill has everything you need for a frightfully unique Halloween on a budget.

Goodwill has all of their costumes at the front of their stores for those last minute shoppers. They even have new costume items and makeup.

Sales associates are also on hand to help you put together a DIY costume. Goodwill Mega Store Manager Bryan Gospodinovich said, “We are big into it. We have been in Halloween mode for about two weeks now and have had Halloween music playing for a month, so you know we really want to be the Halloween headquarters for the Coast. We have really good standards about the stuff we put out. We do not put out anything that you would not want to put on and our prices, you just can’t beat them if you are on a budget.”

There are also tips on Goodwill’s website of how to save this Halloween. They ask when you are done with this year’s costumes they are always taking donations, all while helping them give back to the community.

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