Haley Barbour Discusses the State Flag

As South Carolina approves the bill removing the Confederate Battle Flag from Statehouse Grounds, Mississippi officials continue to weigh in on our state flag.
Former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour is speaking out and sides with many other state Republican lawmakers. He says the ultimate decision on changing the flag should be left up to the people of Mississippi. “I have said publicly I’m not offended by the flag, I know that there are people that are. Whenever it was, 15 years ago when this was voted on, I did not take a public position. I wasn’t in public office like I’m not in public office now, but it’s for the people of Mississippi to decide,” said Barbour.
In 2001, an option to change the flag was put before voters in the state. Other alternative flags were shot down in a vote of 64% to 36%

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