Gunshot Victim Recovering in Hospital

One man is recovering from bullet wounds while another man is in custody for allegedly pulling the trigger.
Authorities say 27-year-old Rico Raschwan Brown of Gulfport is responsible for pulling the trigger and shooting the victim which we now know to be Bernard Kennedy of Gulfport. This shooting occurred after an altercation between the two last night.
Gulfport Public Information Officer Damon McDaniel says Kennedy was shot three times in the upper torso at the Stonegate Arms apartment complex around 8 p.m.
News 25 reached out to Kennedy, as well as his girlfriend. They are in a local hospital and Kennedy is said to be in stable condition. When News 25 spoke with him on the phone, he was in and out of consciousness, but did say he is doing better.
Kennedy’s girlfriend told News 25 doctors did have to place a tube in his lung after one collapsed from the gunshot wounds.
Back at the apartment complex, residents were a little frightened and walked their children to the bus stop, not taking any chances after the act of violence in their own backyard. Crystal Ausmer lives near the apartment complex. She said, “I got off of work yesterday evening around 8 and my son stated to me that there was gun shots in the neighborhood and when he walked out the door, he saw the police and the ambulance down there. It was something about a shooting at Stonegate Apartments, but I didn’t witness anything, just seen a lot of police. It’s a lot of children in this neighborhood, really no shooting, no problems, no burglaries or nothing. This was shocking to me.”
Brown, the suspect, was transported to the Harrison County Adult Detention Facility with a $250,000 bond set by Justice Court Judge Melvin Ray.

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