Gulfport sewage overflow claim

A Harrison County District Supervisor is speaking out what she believes to be a big issue. Angel Kibler-Middleton is stating a local lagoon is over-pouring into a Gulfport waterway.

While spending three years on the Harrison County Utility Board Harrison County District 2 Supervisor Angel Kibler-Middleton became aware of what she claims to be a consistent sewage issue in the county. When a toilet is flushed, the waste is discharged into a lagoon. Chlorine and chemicals are then added to the affluent before discharge. “At the point of discharge, it has to meet very specific criteria on such as does it have fecal coliform, is it chlorinated to the right extent. There are very specific parameters that it has to meet and it is not meeting any of those.”

Kibler-Middleton claims the lagoon is currently draining into a small area of wetlands which connects to Turkey Creek. The issues with the lagoon prompted a new sewer project in the area. “That was the whole point of putting this sewer line where it is to take the lagoon offline. So, the sewer project is called S-14, should have been completed in 2015 and it’s not yet completed.”

Despite the incompletion of the new line, three Harrison County district supervisors approved construction for more than 290 homes, all sitting next to the lagoon. “I told my board members ‘you know that lagoon is full and S-14 is not complete, so there’s no way that we can build that’ in the meeting, in our actual board meeting.”

In an interview with News 25, Riverbend Utilities owner Steven Day says that their company responded to violations from the Mississippi Department of Environmental    Quality and that they are working closely with them. He also says that their discharged affluent is up to standards and that “all claims by Mrs. Kibler-Middleton are false.”

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