Gulfport School District teachers, staff, and administrators get second dose of COVID-19 vaccine

Three weeks ago, at Gulfport High School, Singing River Health Systems, and Gulfport School District partnered to administer first dose Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines.

Today, second dose vaccines went into the arms of teachers, administrators and staff.  Many teachers say this is the light at the end of the tunnel. Getting fully vaccinated protects themselves, their students, and their families.

When receiving first dose COVID vaccines, Singing River gives out stickers that say ‘I got vaccinated,’ but after the second dose, patients are awarded with a bracelet that reads ‘improve health, save lives, Singing River.’ Gulfport High School Choir Director Daniel Varnon said, “For the most part this is going to protect my body from that disease that has taken so many lives. I think it’s just really important, I think it’s wonderful that we get that vaccine. There’s been a lot of hardships with kids and just in different ways, emotional ways, and social ways and everybody’s just striving to get back to normal. So, I think it’s real important that we take every possible step that we can to make sure that happens.”

Many teachers are looking forward to getting schools back to one hundred percent in-person instruction.

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