Gulfport School District reopening plans for 2020-2021 school year

There are a variety of reopening plans on the table for the Gulfport School District’s upcoming school year.

A contingency plan based on four different models was released to parents. The traditional model opens schools as traditionally as possible adhering to CDC considerations.

The blended model combines both face-to-face and some virtual teaching with a maximum class size. Teachers will move from class to class for K through eighth grade students. Ninth through 12th grade students will change classes using social distancing.

Another blended model alternates virtual and in-person teaching days with a class size of 22 to 26 students.

The virtual model means all students would participate in a ‘school to home’ experience. Gulfport School District Superintendent Glen East said, “The sense of relief that we know we have some things to do. The whole issue with this pandemic has it’s been so fluid. There’s no concrete or no final point. So, when you put this plan together and there are four steps, four possible plans and you know what you have to do for each one so you can have a concrete preparation for each one of those. That makes it easier for everybody, the teachers, staff, school district, and hopefully our parents as well.”

The Gulfport School District plans to start school on August 5th for sixth and ninth graders and August 6th for the rest of the students.

For a full list of plans and safety measures for the 2020-2021 school year visit the Gulfport School District’s Facebook page.

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