Gulfport School District operating on new year-round schedule

For students in the Gulfport School District, they will be heading back to class in July due to a new year-round schedule.

While students in other school districts will get to enjoy a full summer, students in the Gulfport School District will be getting ready to head back to school on July 23rd. Gulfport School District has implemented a new flexible schedule with 45-day terms. Director of Instructional Programs Dr. Lea Bellon said, “We are taking our traditional schedule and just restructuring it. So students will still attend school for 180 days. They will still have four quarters that are 45 days each. However, they will have breaks in between and we will call those intersession.”

The first intersession is two weeks and the other intersessions are one week at a time. During that time, students will come in during their regular scheduled hours and have opportunities for camps and other acceleration programs. Pass Road Elementary School Principal Simone Travis said, “We also have different activities like Boy Scouts, fan camps, different churches will also be providing daycare for parents during those times.”

Gulfport School District believes that the flexible schedule will be beneficial to all students, but especially those in the enrichment and remediation program because it will allow them to get the extra help without such a long pause. “Frequent breaks at a shorter amount of time gives them an opportunity to pick up where they left off and not have such a big lapse in knowledge.”

“Obviously, the greatest benefit is to decrease that gap in learning that exists and to offer those enrichment activities.”

Gulfport School District’s mission is to inspire each student to become a problem-solver, life-long learner, and a productive member of society. Dr. Bellon feels this will enhance the overall success of students. “The main goal of this is student achievement. We want what’s best for students and this actually developed out of our strategic plan. So, through that, committee members from the community, from the school district, parents, we had a lot of people involved.”

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