Gulfport Residents Concerned Over Shootings

A Gulfport community mourns the death of a 20-year-old resident who was shot and killed Tuesday night, making it the tenth fatal shooting the city has seen in 2016.
News 25’s Laurene Callander spoke with residents to get their reactions on the violence in their neighborhood.
Tuesday night, the neighborhood was chaotic and panicking throughout the streets. On Wednesday morning, residents were questioning why they lost another Gulfport native to gun violence. Gulfport resident Ponchanella Campbell said, “He was a well-known person. A lot of people knew him. He was respectable. He was a gentleman, went to work. He was a cool person and didn’t have to die like this especially right on your birthday though?”
Authorities found 20-year-old Trevues Martin dead inside of a car off Monterey Drive with a gunshot wound to the head. Witnesses on the scene tell News 25 he was parked in his grandmother’s driveway. Gulfport resident Cherakee Jones said, “I was scared, like what’s going on. Then they tell me the boy just got shot, I’m like really? At the grandma’s house because only two old ladies sit on the porch every day. I don’t know. It’s crazy. It’s all these senseless murders, it don’t make sense. What is the world coming to?”
Gulfport police actively hold community meetings in an effort to prevent this type of crime. The question is: are they working? Zuri Davis is visiting her grandmother in Gulfport. She said, “Whether or not people are listening is the key. I mean, you can’t make anybody listen.”
The next Gulfport police meeting happens to be this Thursday. Some locals believe the effort needs to be kicked up a notch. “The community has to come together as one, not just the police force and the people who really want to stop it. It has to be the community that wants to stop it,” said Campbell.

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