Gulfport Prepares Residents for Dedeaux Rd. Widening Project

The widening of Dedeaux Road, one of the busiest roads in Gulfport, has been an ongoing project for the past 20 years. Dedeaux Road became a city road in 1994 after Orange Grove was annexed, and was partially widened in 2000.

The city is ready to begin widening another stretch, from Three Rivers Road to De De Dr., and held a meeting Monday evening to inform residents of the status of the project. Many residents voiced their opinions on the project, which will undoubtedly cause many headaches during the construction phase, but will be worth it in the end. The city is reluctant to give a time table for completion, but says they are ready to get started.

R. Lee Flowers, Gulfport City Councilman for Ward 6, says, "The utility relocations, power poles and such, that will start in January of next year, so that’s just a couple of months from now, so that will take some time to relocate and we hope to start the process of actually widening the road in October of next year.”

Many residents have waited 20 years for the completion of this project, and are hopeful the city will follow through.

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