Gulfport police released body cam footage

Just days after a Facebook video went viral in Gulfport, the body cam footage of the incident that led to the original video has been released.
This story has circulated around the community since it was first broken on Monday, but today the Gulfport Police Department tell us their side of the story.
What started out as a routine night for Kelvin Fairley and his family quickly escalated into a nightmare. The Gulfport native who works as a traveling nurse was just minutes away from his home when police pulled him over after receiving reports of a burglary. “After complying with them and asking what’s going on because they have guns drawn on me and my family and repeatedly getting the same answer “shut the f*** up and turn around.”
That was Kelvin Fairley three days ago, one night after going to the police department to file a formal complaint against the officer who pulled him over when another altercation occurred.
After five minutes inside the station, Fairley left without filing a complaint. The video has since gone viral with more than 50,000 views. Fairley has now hired an attorney and is pursuing legal action.
Today, Gulfport Police Chief Leonard Papania released a statement, outlining the night of the traffic stop and disregarding Fairley’s claims of police misconduct. “I will say that the narrative put forth by Fairley includes misleading, inflammatory, and false statements.”
While Chief Papania stands by his department, many community members have taken to social media to stand by Fairley and his family.
Since the body cam footage was released earlier today, News 25 tried reaching out to Kelvin Fairley. He has yet to respond.

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