Gulfport Police Department Honor Their Fallen

As National Police Week continues, police departments across the Gulf Coast continue to hold ceremonies to honor their own fallen officers.
Today the Gulfport Police Department honored eight men who made the ultimate sacrifice. Ten roses lie atop the memorial outside the Gulfport Police Department, eight in honor of the man fallen from Gulfport’s own force and two in memory of Officer’s Benjamin Deen and Liquori Tate.
Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes reminds our local officers that they have the community’s support; something Chief Leonard Papania says can be hard to see when negativity toward the police is capturing the nation’s attention. Papania says that hate can make it difficult to remember why officers do what they do, but after attending Benjamin Deen’s funeral yesterday, seeing citizens line the streets for miles, restored his faith.
As the community stood by to watch Gulfport’s finest honor their own fallen, we are reminded of the courage and sacrifice these men and women in uniform make every day to keep us safe.

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