Gulfport Police Department featured on ‘Cops’

Gulfport police made their TV debut tonight on one of America’s longest running TV shows ‘Cops.’

Gulfport police officers and their family and friends gathered at Chandeleur Island Brewing Company to watch the debut. The filming for this episode took place in 2018 over a six week period. Everyday producers of the show rode along with Lt. Tony Alves and Officer Victor Moreno.

They said it was an interesting experience that they hope brought a positive light on their agency. “It was a very interesting experience. I’ve been a police officer for 15 years and I have done a lot of really cool stuff, but that was interesting having two people in the car with me for 10 hours a night for six weeks. And the other cool thing was just exchanging ideas. They travel, you know, nine months out of the year going from police department to police department,” said Alves.

Officer Victor Moreno said, “The way that they portrayed it to us is that you know just being part of the first time they have ever done it down here and then also just being a part of Cops in general is just, its rare. It’s not something that happens all the time and so that’s pretty awesome.”

This is the first time that the state of Mississippi has been featured on ‘Cops.’

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