Gulfport police community outreach

When Chris Ryle took over as chief of police in Gulfport back in early September, one of his four pillars and objectives as chief was more interactive community outreach.

It looked like a press conference with all the cops and cameras and there were plenty of photo ops to go around especially when a sea lion smooched Gulfport Police Chief Chris Ryle, a kiss that was not reciprocated, but this visit by Chief Ryle and Gulfport police did have plenty of purpose, just another step in achieving one of the major pillars Ryle set out upon becoming Gulfport’s chief of police back on September 1st, improved community relations and outreach. Chief Ryle said, “When we come out, we want the community to know our staff as well. It’s not just the Chief of Police. We have 225 employees with the City of Gulfport, Gulfport Police Department. Any opportunity we come out as a group and get to see what’s going on in our community, and especially here at Ocean Adventures Marine Park. It’s a hidden gem. Don’t really know what all it entails here, but anytime we can come out as a group and then talk about it in the community. It’s not an opportunity we can’t pass up.”

The Police Chief and Gulfport Police officers’ visits here at the IMMS in Gulfport gives a whole new meaning to community outreach. “I’ve been kissed by a sea lion, and splashed not once, but twice by a dolphin. Like I said, the water was very cold.”

But interactions and visits like these warm up community relations. IMMS Director Dr. Moby Solangi said, “I think law enforcement is about more than just keeping us safe. They’re really part of our community. We’re really proud of our law enforcement. I think it’s great that we can communicate with each other. I think it’s important with the community outreach between us and our law enforcement. We’re very proud that they were here and able to come in and enjoy what we have to offer.”

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