Gulfport Police at the scene where a body was found

Today a body was found in Gulfport. According to Gulfport police, it matches the description of 75-year-old Dorothy Jean Burks, she’s been missing since March 23rd.

The body was found in the woods behind a residence on Keebler Road in Lyman, this is the same road Burks was last seen on.

When News 25 arrived on scene, Gulfport PD confirmed the remains matched the description of Burks.

According to Harrison County Coroner, Brian Switzer, using DNA there could be a positive identification in two weeks, but it may be quicker depending on what circumstantial evidence is available. “Clothing, any identification, that’s near the body, things like that that the state medical examiner and I can talk about. We can come to a confirmation that we both can positively say there’s no way the body can be that anyone other person than we think it is. We can do an identification that way as well.”

The body was discovered by a private detective working alongside the United Cajun Navy. The detective says he felt the need to search again in the area after a neighbor had called about a foul smell.

With the help of a dog handler, they were able to locate the body in a heavily wooded area about 100 feet off Keebler Road.

According to the coroner, autopsy results should be completed by Friday and DNA results could be confirmed in the next two weeks.

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