Gulfport Police Arrest Two Men in Walmart Disturbance.

On June 26, 2015 Holton Wade Saucier, 19 years old, of Saucier, Mississippi and William Cordell Kennon, 18 years old, of Gulfport, Mississippi were arrested on charges related to the June 21, 2015 disturbance at the Walmart located at 9350 Highway 49.

The investigation of the matter yielded that Saucier, while engaged in the lawful open carry of pump action shotgun, took steps to make the weapon ready to fire in the presence of witnesses. He did this by loading and cycling the pump action which created a breach of the peace. Kennon, had traveled to Walmart with Saucier, and was with him while in the store. Walmart personnel summoned the Gulfport Police and stated there was a man in the store loading and cycling a shotgun. Both Kennon and Saucier had already departed the store prior to the arrival of law enforcement. While searching the store for the suspects, Gulfport Police received a call that a man was carrying a shotgun in Winn Dixie at 11312 Highway 49 North. Initially, this was handled as a separate event until it was determined by a combined search of the store and review of surveillance video that the two had departed Walmart and traveled to Winn Dixie. The two did not appear to have violated any laws while at Winn Dixie or Krispy Kreme. None of the businesses prohibited the open carry of firearms.

Based on the investigation, Saucier was charged with Disturbance in a Public Place and Disturbance of a the Public Peace or the Peace of Others. A warrant was issued for his arrest by Municipal Court Judge Fant Walker issued a warrant for his arrest and set bond at $1,054.50. Kennon was charged with Disturbance in a Public Place. Judge Walker issued a warrant for his arrest and set bond at $677.25. Both men traveled to the Gulfport Police Department and surrendered. They were arrested and processed. They were subsequently released to await trial.

“The possession, carrying and use of firearms require not only training and skill, but intelligence and responsibility. When persons act with deficiency in intelligence and responsibility, it can be both dangerous and unlawful.” Chief Leonard Papania stated.

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