Gulfport PD honors their fallen officers

Family, friends, and fellow law enforcement officers gathered in front of the Gulfport Police Department for a law enforcement memorial ceremony.

Gulfport police have lost ten officers in the line of duty. During the ceremony, each of their names were called out and roses were placed in front of a memorial plaque bearing officers’ names and their end of watch.

The department has this ceremony during National Police Week.

Members of the Scarborough family attends every year. Their beloved Woodrow Scarborough died May 5th, 1970. He was 22-years-old. “It gets you every time. You think I’m not going to be upset this time or cry, whatever, but we do. We just miss him.” “People should respect the job that they do because they are putting their life on the line for you every day.”

The Scarborough family added that it is beautiful to see Gulfport police officers not forget their fallen brothers and continue to remember them during the yearly memorial service.

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