Gulfport Municipal Marina still under evacuation

The Gulfport Municipal Marina is still under mandatory evacuation until Hurricane Laura is no longer considered a threat.

On August 22nd, the City of Gulfport determined that a mandatory evacuation was necessary because of the two unpredictable tropical systems in the Gulf.

However, now that Marco is no longer considered a threat, the City of Gulfport wants to make all tenants of the Gulfport Marina aware that their boats are still not allowed back in the marina because of Hurricane Laura.

The city recognizes that the situation is not ideal with two tropical systems back to back but they follow the National Hurricane Center for the safest measures. City of Gulfport Harbormaster George Manemann said, “We’re trying to protect city property. This is a 20 million dollar marina with a lot of equipment in these towers out here on the piers. We need to keep boats out of that if they break loose.  So any time we feel like we’re going to take a rise in seawater and a breeze or a blow from the south east, we need to make sure nobody is breaking and getting into city property.”

The City of Biloxi public marinas and harbors are also still under mandatory evacuation at this time.

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