Gulfport Man Battling for His Life

A 20-year-old sailor from Gulfport is battling to stay alive after he was severely burned while docking his boat Sunday night.
The accident caused John Harrison Doucet to lose both of his legs. News 25’s Gina Tomlinson spent some time with his friends.
After being shocked when he was taking a boat off a trailer hitch, Gulfport resident John Harrison Doucet is fighting to stay alive. Ira Herrington is a friend of Doucet’s. He says it is hard to believe that 75 percent of Doucet’s body is burned. “He went to go unhook it. It grounded him and set him on fire. It burned him.”
Doucet is suffering from serious burns after his sailboat’s mast touched a power line and shocked him at the Gulfport Yacht Club on Sunday night. Doucet’s friend Chance Cabler tells News 25 that doctors saved Doucet’s right arm which was burned from the shock, but both of Doucet’s legs had to be amputated. “One second, he’s perfectly fine. The next second he’s in the hospital struggling.”
Cabler says Doucet’s family is tightly knit and they were all with him at the hospital he was transferred to in Augusta, Georgia. Cabler says Doucet is an experienced sailor and being on the water is what he loves most. “He’s on a boat every single day. I mean, he worked on a tugboat. That was his dream job.”
“Growing up as a kid he just loved being on the water, being down at the yacht club and he loved what he did,” said Herrington.
According to the GoFundMe account set up to raise money for Doucet, the lifelong sailor competed at the Gulfport Yacht Club.
The power lines near the yacht club are being investigated by Mississippi Power.

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