Gulfport High Robotics Team taking it to a whole new level

Breaking into the film business is tough, but the Gulfport High Robotics Team has done just that and is taking it to a whole new level, soon to be projected onto the silver screen.

The scene: Gulfport High School. The lead characters: members of Gulfport High’s robotics team.

They are doing test runs on a robotic mechanism they’re building to be used on the set of the feature film “Longest Night,” as the movie’s production designer Joe Lemmon looks on. “What we’re trying to accomplish has never been accomplished before. When you see a film that a character is following the ins and outs of another character, usually they’re in front of a computer set up. Because of the location that is so modern, I wanted to come up with something a little more organic to the location.”

That’s where the Gulfport High School robotics class, Team Fusion, comes in. Gulfport High Junior Colton Bruni is one of the masterminds behind this mechanism. “Team Fusion is working on a project for a movie starring Morgan Freeman where we need to design a TV that can collapse inside of an art piece, and on click, it’s able to raise itself up and then follow Morgan Freeman around the room.”

“I needed that monitor to follow Mr. Morgan Freeman around because he is sitting in a wheel chair, so I needed someone to come up with something that would follow him around the location as he was observing or looking at the girl who is the star of the movie with Morgan, as she is picking up, at different locations, some money for the mafia.”

It’s a race against the clock and there’s a deadline to meet, but Team Fusion is right on track.

Local artist Marty Wilson is designing an artistic set piece that will encase the team’s robot mechanism in the form of an on-set sculpture. “It’s definitely new territory to be teaming up with the robotics with the artwork. I think that’s science meets art and that’s fantastic.”

The movie, Longest Night, is being filmed right here in Mississippi. Stay tuned, we will keep you posted on when it’s set to hit the big screen.

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