Gulfport comes together for National Day of Prayer

Today is the National Day of Prayer and local governments, churches, law enforcement, and community members prayed in locations all over our Coast.

Unity took center stage at Barksdale Pavilion inside Jones Park. Law enforcement, educators, city officials, and community members all joined together for Gulfport’s annual National Day of Prayer. Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes said, “We continue to draw really big crowds. This place kind of turns into its own cathedral. Folks from all different denominations and faiths have attended. It’s just a really good way to acknowledge God in our lives.”

This was first time Angie Broussard attended the National Day of Prayer ceremony. “Always prayed quietly and to myself on this day, but today it was time to come together in assembly.”

Together, the crowd prayed for families and the country. Prayers were said by business leaders, military officials, and those who govern and protect. “We are given the authority to go out and fight evil. I do firmly believe that we cannot do our job completely without his guidance.”

“We don’t take time to pause and reflect like we should and this is just a day to set aside an hour for some reverence and reflection and understand how good we have it,” said Mayor Hewes.

The very first National Day of Prayer was 67 years ago. It passed as a House Bill in 1952. Members of the community say it is important that we continue this day of unity for years to come. “For us to come together, not with our focus on ourselves, but on him, it’s perfect,” said Broussard.

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