Gulfport Chamber of Commerce Honors First Responders

First responders are the first ones on the scene to risk their lives to save others, but rarely do they get the recognition they deserve. Today that changed as the Gulfport Chamber of Commerce presented awards to some of the coast’s bravest residents.
Gulfport police officer Luis Garcia was one of four responders awarded today for their heroic efforts. About a month ago, Garcia successfully talked a man down from the Kremer Bridge who was threatening to hang himself. He took the call just like he does any other.
“Every single situation that’s going to come up, it’s going to be a completely different situation, a completely different scenario and you just have to take it head on,” Officer Garcia said.
Today’s luncheon was the Gulfport Chamber of Commerce’s way of highlighting the critical jobs first responders face every day.
Emily Pickering, Director of the Gulfport Chamber of Commerce, said” a lot of people don’t understand what our first responders go through on a daily basis. And this is just four opportunities and examples of the things that they’re doing in our community.”
Also receiving an award today was Gulfport Fire Department’s own Ian Murray. Murray is set to become the coast’s first tactical medic. His job is to be on the scene with the Gulfport Swat if they need medical assistance. Murray says he was humbled by today’s award, but he refuses to take all the credit: “We don’t like to be recognized for this stuff because it’s what we do every day. Day in and day out. There’s a lot that goes with it. A lot of guys supporting you along the way.”
Also receiving awards today was Amber Daniels of the U.S. Navy and Tori Golson with AMR.

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