Gulfport boy battling rare cancer

The life of one local boy and his family has been turned upside down with his recent cancer diagnosis.

“You can’t put into words when someone tells you that your son has cancer.” Thirteen-year-old Austin Guidry has been in and out of hospitals battling a rare form of cancer since January 9th. “Roughly 300 cases; it is a rare soft tissue cancer.”

Austin attended Bel-Aire Elementary in Gulfport before he was diagnosed with cancer. His mother describes him as a fun-loving and goofy kid with a great sense of humor. Austin’s mother, Krystal Fayard said, “He is pretty much like a normal teenager. He likes playing video games and he loves Pokémon.”

Now, life has completely changed for Austin and his family. “It is hard for him to even make five feet anymore, standing up, walking, even doing normal tasks. He needs help to change his sheets or clothes. Everything is huge. It’s almost like raising a newborn child again with a 13-year-old.”

When Austin started complaining about pains throughout his whole body his parents knew something was wrong, so they took him to the doctor who told them Austin was experiencing growing pains. “They never ran tests or blood work, nothing.”

It took multiple doctor visits and a trip to the hospital before he finally received a diagnosis. Now, Austin’s mother wants other families to be aware and always advocate for their children. “You might see it in movies or something like that, but you think, that will never happen to my child, that’s just something that doesn’t happen. It can happen and it can happen to your child.”

If you would like to help Austin and his family through this tough time, they have a GoFundMe set up under ‘Help with Austin.’ Click here to visit his GoFundMe.

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