Gulfport Behavioral Health System offers support to combat the holiday blues

The holidays are typically a time for joy, but for many they can bring mixed emotions of sadness over loss of a loved one, memories of past holidays, pressure to be happy, or financial stress.

This year is no exception, especially with the added pandemic, many are planning on spending the holidays alone to help slow the spread of the virus.

Gulfport Behavioral Health System is offering support for those affected. Director of Clinical Services Angie Fields says her biggest concern is increased depression and hopelessness during the holiday season, paired with the loss and isolation caused by COVID-19. “Suicide has become a real concern in our community. There are people that are actually committing and completing suicide that never actually get help and there’s a large part of our population that never does seek help.”

Fields says luckily Gulfport Behavioral Health has a 24-hour intake admissions department you can call at 228-831-1700 and talk to a counselor.

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