Gulfport Bakery Prepares for Potential Flooding

A local bakery that took a hard hit from flooding earlier this year is doing all they can to prepare for the heavy rain.
Last time the Coast had major downpours, Melissa’s Bakery was almost ruined by floodwater. Employees at the bakery say there was 20 inches of water and floating debris everywhere.
The bakery is part of a strip mall in the Orange Grove area that sits a little lower than other businesses on Dedeaux Road. This made some of the shops flood when heavy rain hit in April.
Co-Owner Randy Fischer tells News 25 he’s not sure if the sand bags he has will help if the bakery experiences anything like what happened last time. “We’ll just try to manage it as much as we can from the inside of the building. We’ll try to get everything up off the floor that we don’t want damaged, all of our paper products. That’s what we lost last time was all of our packaging and boxes and cups and paper products, which are expensive.”
Fischer says when water flooded the bakery last time they started rebuilding the day after, opening business and coming back stronger than ever before. He says if the flooding happens again, Melissa’s Bakery will have to move out.

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