Gulfport Alley to be Transformed Into Artsy Destination

Tuesday, the Gulfport City Council gave city developers the green light to move forward with a project they’re tentatively calling Fishbone Alley.

The project will take the alley behind Murky Waters BBQ and transform it into an artsy destination corridor in downtown Gulfport. The alley will be paved with historic bricks unearthed from when Gulfport was paved in the early 1900s. Those spearheading the project say it will be a space that’s both historic and fun.

Laurie Toups, Main Street Director, says, “I would say artsy vibe, I would say that it’s organic, that it’s going to grow the way it wants to grow. I don’t think that it has an age limit on it though. I think that some of our best art is 100 years old.”

The city will use grant money from the Streetscape Improvement Program to pay for the project. Mayor Billy Hewes says the project will reinvigorate downtown Gulfport and draw in more visitors.

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