Gulf Coast Regional Tech Summit

Small local businesses are taking steps to further our region’s marine industries during a workshop at the University of Southern Mississippi.
A group of small business leaders from Louisiana to Florida took part in the first day of the Gulf Coast Regional Technology Summit. The event is put on by the Marine Industries Science and Technology Cluster, a group of regional organizations using their technology to support our marine industries.
The goal of the workshop is to help small businesses grasp the attention of federal agencies to help fund innovations aimed at furthering research. Director of Business and Innovation Assistance Center at Stennis Joseph Graben said, “They put out solicitations every year of things they’re needing, innovations that can help them carry out their agency needs, but also may have commercial potential and so they are allowing these applied research funded projects that can be somewhere between half a million to a million dollars for small businesses to develop innovations that the agencies need.”
The workshop was held by the Greenwood Consulting Group.

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