Gulf Coast Kwanzaa Coalition holds 30th annual Kwanzaa Celebration

Kwanzaa is a winter holiday everyone can celebrate regardless of religion. The Gulf Coast Coalition hosted their 30th annual celebration tonight.

For three decades, Gulfport has come together to honor the seven principals of Kwanzaa. This year, Good Deeds Community Center filled with community leaders, youth, and local organizations.

The program included lighting the seven candles and explaining what they represent, a skit, a speech on collective work and responsibility, awards, food, and refreshments.

The main message was to make progress as a community for next year and be closer to liberation with greater achievement. Keynote Speaker Jason Whitfield said, “We’re celebrating our 30th annual Kwanzaa Celebration, bringing the community together specifically today to talk about Ujamaa, collective work and responsibility. The first time that we held this celebration 30 years ago, I was 12 years old.”

Coach William ‘Prince’ Jones was awarded the ‘Passing the Baton Award’ for his decades of coaching in Gulfport and community outreach.

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